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Is the result of more than one year of research and development with our cellar master. We started off with a pure juice, 100% organic and 100% natural cidre as a base and developed from it a new kind of cider without any additives other than organic varieties of apples. The result is unique, more subtle, refreshing, and less sweet.

Produced in the Vexin Normand, less than 100 km away from Paris, we fall with our approach within the French gastronomic universe by elaborating an organic and gluten-free creation for friendly moments and sharing.

We revisit the tradition of French cider, yet preserving its qualities and by showing a new, more modern and more festive image. It is the first brand of botanical cider.


We owe the heritage of cider in France, to the sailors who brought it back from the Iberian coast.

As early as the 17th century, besides its beneficial virtues, sailors would toast at sea with cider for pleasure as well as for strength to face storms.

Inspired by these men of the sea, we sublimate cider by giving it strength together with elegance.

The secret composition of our cider draws its influences from the recipe of family blend of the Kermasson of Kerisel, of which Théo comes/descend from : A long line of naval officers of the French Navy dating back 1780, as well as a traditional cider-making family since the end of the XIXth century.


LE SAUVAGE (the wild)

2nd Best Cider at the International Cider Competition 2017” (and 1st of the frenchies)

The quality of an organic craft-cider, combined with the elegance « à la française »,
Our cider is « pure juice » with no additives. Which means apples and only apples !

Subtle and pronounced, combined with fine bubbles.
On the nose, a powerful perfume of caramelized wild apples.
Golden dress mixed with deep amber reflections.

Subtle and tightly sweet, it is thus much more refreshing and festive.


L’ÉPATANT (the splendid)

Our organic pear craft-cider will surprise you with its stunning flavors resulting from a secret blending from different varieties of organic pears.

Its topaz dress and its freshly fruity bubbles make it a marvel for moments of sharing and unique relaxation.

Only organic pears, no fruit concentrate, no additives.


It is the choice of the organic and the natural.

Because the apple is the second most treated fruit with pesticides *, we obviously chose to work only with certified organic apples harvested near the cider house.

No added sugar, preservatives or artificial products. An 100% organic product, 100% natural, in short!!

But we also took a local approach for our Parisians, since our cider is being produced less than 100 km away from Paris.



Brunais Le Pautremat




The adventure of « Fils de Pomme » (Sons of Pømme) brings together two friends, each with a personal story about cider :

Théo comes from a long line of naval officers of the French Navy dating back 1780, as well as a traditional cider-making family since the end of the XIXth century. Great lovers of cider, they consumed as much at sea as the would at home.

Valentin, was caught, early in his childhood, by the « cider virus » during summers spent in Britany at his grandparents. They made him taste the small family production made from apple grown in the orchards, protected from Britany harsh weather by high granite walls.

Learn more about our history

Each on their own, they have ever since their childhood enjoyed cider, beginning with the sweeter kinds, before quickly reaching the Brut.
Later on, the two friends met on the benches of the university and realize that they spent their summers 5km away from each other, in Britany, and shared the same passion – cider. This was followed by numerous trips to Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian countries.
They quickly realized how successful « cider » was. It is consumed as a real alternative to beer, both for men and women.
Yet the « cider », turns out to be a product of lower quality. It is made from apple concentrate, with added sugars and artificial fermentation.
So far from the values of French cider, produced 100% naturally, without added sugar. That’s when they realized the gold they have in their hands …
On his return, Théo decided to create the « botanical cider », with the idea of ​​preserving the know-how and quality of the French cider, while infusing it with a new youth. The goal is to make it much more subtle and more refreshing, using an entirely organic cider base … Valentin specialized in corporate finance but in love with cider, decided to stop everything and concentrate on designing a « new cider  ».
A necessity was born: to give a new life to this product, modernizing it while keeping a high quality product, made in France, and respecting the French gastronomic heritage!
This is how the two « crazy ciders » embarked on the adventure “Fils de Pomme” (Sons of Pømme), the french botanical cider!

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